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progePLAN / CADprofi Subscription Renewal

Starting at: AUD$225.00

Keep CADprofi updated through the next year by ordering this progePLAN / CADprofi Upgrade / Upgrade Subscription product for a single module - either electrical, HVAC-piping, Mechanics or Architectural. CADprofi is an MEP software extension for progeCAD and other CAD programs. A full version trial download can be ordered HERE, and perpetual licenses include the first year subscription free.

1. During subscription user can:
• download for free from the CADprofi internet server the latest program updates that contain content extensions (additional symbols, standards etc.), functional enhancements and adjustments to new versions of base CAD programs;
• access free technical support (hotline);
• install his own single-seat license on an additional computer (eg home computer), under condition that at the same time only one program will be used;
• use previous software versions (downgrade).
2. Subscription duration and Subscription renewal.
• Subscription is not renewed automatically.
• Lifetime commercial license can be used even after the subscription has expired.
• Subscription can be renewed with an additional fee immediately prior to its expiration. The new subscription duration starts from the previous subscription expire date and not from the date when subscription renewal was bought.
• Subscription renewal must cover all CADprofi and CP-Symbols licenses on the particular computer. For licenses with multiple modules, multiple subscription products must be ordered.

How to renew / upgrade CADprofi / progePLAN annual subscription:
1. If you are simply renewing a CURRENT CADprofi Subscription for another year, keep the default "Renew Current..." from the "Select your Upgrade/Support Maintenance HERE" droplist below. Then click "add to cart" and follow the prompts for checkout.
2.If you are upgrading an OLDER VERSION of CADprofi or have EXPIRED SUBSCRIPTION you will need to select "Renew and Upgrade from Outdated CADprofi Version" from the "Select your Upgrade/Support Maintenance HERE" droplist below.

3. We also require the serial code for each module that is being renewed entered into the box below, "List SERIAL NUMBERS". Then click "add to cart" and follow the prompts for checkout.

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