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Lost License Lookup - progeCAD


Lost your progeCAD license certificate? We will look up recent licenses for you free the first time*, complimentary. Later or thereafter, loosing one's software license key will incur a $25 lost license personnel time lookup fee, per our published terms and conditions.

We encourage our users to back up their data regularly, including digital assets such as software licenses. Unlike many other software companies, we provide a ready-to-print license certificate for archival purposes with each license order. Nevertheless, we live in a world of unforseen circumstances. We are more than happy to help out the first time complimentary  (*within the first two years of purchase), but alas, older or repeated lookups do take us away from other duties.

How to order a second+ lost license lookup:

1. Click the "Add To Cart" button down below. Thereafter shoppers choose either "check out" to immediately download or "continue shopping". First-time downloads may ask once for some contact details.

2. CONFIRM the total cost of your order.

(Note: license lookups for purchases older than the last three years may no longer be possible. See our latest EOL service announcements on LinkedIn.)

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