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Starting at: AUD$3,450.00

Buy Mathcad scientific calculation and visualization software. Please contact us HERE for information on training and support. Currently get BOTH Mathcad Prime 4.0 and Mathcad 15 under this one license.

Download Mathcad FREE Trial version HERE

mathcad softwarePTC Mathcad - more than mathematics CAD! Visually analyze data, solve complex equations and manipulate data using textbook style natural math notation. Unlike programming languages or spreadsheets like Excel, equations in Mathcad are written and solved visually, using normal human readable formulas (WYSIWYG). Mathcad calculates real-time solutions using symbolic algebra, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus. Worksheet document text may be added and formatted as desired. Equations are solved either analytically or numerically (by using functions from the new FluentUI Ribbon interface). PTC Mathcad Prime combines two- or three-dimensional plots with text and live equations in a unique word-processor like environment that makes editing easy. Context-sensitive & online help guides both beginning and advanced users. Contact us for more information about Mathcad or industry-specific Mathcad software add-ons.

Mathcad is used in calculation traceability for many fields including:

  • Transportation and Aerospace Design
  • Medical and Forensic Science
  • Economics and Financial Analysis
  • Electrical and Electronic Circuit Simulation
  • Chemistry, Physics and Engineering
  • Business, Research, Government, Academic

How to buy Mathcad online:

  • Product license is only available here for Australia and its territories. New License Delivery includes Mathcad Prime, Mathcad 15, CD and Free annual Home Use License.
  • Select either nodelock (single) or floating (network) license type
  • Choose matching PTC maintenance (upgrade & support - mandatory)
  • Check out with online payment method per usual

Contact us HERE for other Business Packs, SITE LICENSES for schools and university options.

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