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Geomagic Design - robust easy-to-use parametric 3D CAD/CAM mechanical design software with optional CNC machining at a fraction of the cost for SolidWorks or Inventor.

Geomagic Design (formerly Alibre) offers affordable mid-range parametric solids modeling, associative 2D drawing. Geomagic Design license includes free forum technical support, tutorial and demonstration files. After payment is completed your order is processed and license assigned during normal business hours. CNC Machinists may consider our Alibre CAM options below. PRICE INCLUDES GST.
Note: for annual maintenance renewals or upgrading current Geomagic or Alibre Design
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Geomagic Design CAD Features: Geomagic Design (Full Version)
Parametric 3D, Booleans (union, subtract, etc), 3D Sketch, Shelling, Lofting, more. Tutorials, Spreadsheet (Excel) Link, R/W DXF & DWG 2D drawings, publish 3D PDF & STL. 3D Printing and Sense Scanner integration. Flex licensing. Yes
Read/write STEP IGES, ACIS SAT, Rhino & image files, Basic KeyShot Rendering, Traceparts Access, Local "Standard Part" Library. Detail, Advanced 2D Drawing, BOM. 2D& 3D PDF Publishing. Convert Mesh to Solid, Trim solid against mesh. Yes
Includes all features listed above and Sheet Metal with Unbending, 3D Model Motion Simulation, Direct Model Editing (non-parametric), Part "Configurations", Alibre Translate reads CATIA, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, X_T & Solid Edge. Yes
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Visual Mill CNC Options:CAM StandardCAM EXPERTCAM Professional
FULLY INTEGRATED. 2.5 & 3 axis vertical milling, 2.5 axis pocketing; facing, profiling, engraving, V-Carving, 2.5x hole making, multiple roughing and finishing; thread tapping & boring; Spiral & Radial Machining; "Cut material" visualization in backplot, etcYesYesYes
4 axis milling including 4x Indexed Machining, Continuous Rotary Machining & Rotary Engraving, 4x Parallel Roughing, Pocketing , Profiling, Facing, Hole Making; "Advanced Cut Material Simulation"; Tool Holder Collision DetectionNoYesYes
5 axis milling; Includes all features above plus Full 3 axis pocketing; Spiral, curve; Radial, Plateau, Between 2 Curves & "Horizontal Hill" machining; "Steep Area" Machining, Pencil Tracing, including Flat Mills; Between 2 Curves & "Horizontal Hill" Machining, 3x Reverse Post Machining; Toolpath Graphical Editing & Arc fittingNoNoYes
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*Requires existing Geomagic Design license. Contact us for more info.
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AUD $2650

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Why not start a free trial for Geomagic Design today? Sign Up HERE. If you already tried a previous version of Geomagic Design and would like another opportunity now, please REQUEST a trial renewal HERE (contact us).

Geomagic support in Australia:
First Year annual upgrade and support subscription is now required for all new Geomagic Design licenses (see below). Schools should also see our academic version. For further questions please contact us HERE. 
To back-order upgrades or maintenance for an existing Geomagic license please click HERE.

Note: Due to commercial restrictions, we sell Geomagic only in Australia. There is no replacement option for lost or stolen USB dongles. Please select your license choice below:

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