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VisualMILL CNC Software from Mecsoft

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Affordable locally supplied CNC software for 2.5x, 3x, 4x and HSM 5x milling.  #1 in over 50 countries. Mecsoft CAD/CAM software products, at prices that are often 1/2 – 1/3 of those of our competition, deliver the best performance and value for our customers’ investment in the market today.

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Visual Mill CNC Options:CAM StandardCAM EXPERTCAM Professional
FULLY INTEGRATED. 2.5 & 3 axis vertical milling, 2.5 axis pocketing; facing, profiling, engraving, V-Carving, 2.5x hole making, multiple roughing and finishing; thread tapping & boring; Spiral & Radial Machining; "Cut material" visualization in backplot, etcYesYesYes
4 axis milling including 4x Indexed Machining, Continuous Rotary Machining & Rotary Engraving, 4x Parallel Roughing, Pocketing , Profiling, Facing, Hole Making; "Advanced Cut Material Simulation"; Tool Holder Collision DetectionNoYesYes
5 axis milling; Includes all features above plus Full 3 axis pocketing; Spiral, curve; Radial, Plateau, Between 2 Curves & "Horizontal Hill" machining; "Steep Area" Machining, Pencil Tracing, including Flat Mills; Between 2 Curves & "Horizontal Hill" Machining, 3x Reverse Post Machining; Toolpath Graphical Editing & Arc fittingNoNoYes
AUD Full Price incl GST*
*Requires existing Geomagic Design license. Contact us for more info.
AUD $2995.00
AUD $2650

inc. GST, FYM and USB shipping from USA

Price includes permanent license with flexible USB license dongle, GST and FYM (first year maintenance) for email support from Mecsoft. Additional shipping charges are based on address provided during checkout. Click Add to Cart (button below right side) to begin placing your order.

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