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Privacy Notice

At time of online purchase, customers are asked to submit certain information accurately. All licenses issued via the CADDIT CADstore are issued solely for use of the person or organization registered. This information is also needed when questions arise regarding a purchase, and helps us personalize and continually improve your shopping experience at It can be illegal to complete any transaction on the CADDIT CADstore with using false or misleading data. CADDIT also reserves the right to independently verify information using independent sources for accuracy and dispute any transaction deemed suspicious.

We comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and will protect your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). The Code and the APPs govern how we can collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information, as well as ensuring the quality and security of your personal information.

CADDIT uses the following types of information:

* Information the customer submits. Information provided by your account is necessary should questions arise regarding credit card or other transactions. Please note that we do NOT store credit card numbers in a single central plaintext databases. Nor any other private customer details directly accessible from the internet without the usernames and passwords of the customer. Customers are therefore urged to keep their personal CADstore username and password(s) confidential. Passwords should be a mix of numbers and letters, at least six characters long and something the customer will remember, but not a password commonly used by the same customer for other online accounts to minimize their own security risk.

* Information taken from your session on our site. For buyer protection and safety, CADDIT tracks all IP addresses, transactions, downloads and related data each time products are purchased from the CAD store.

* Email communications. Although we are under no legal obligation to do so, we often file complete records of all customer inquiries, support issues, requests and comments. protects your data several ways:

* Use of dedicated (unshared, monitored and secure) server hardware with 24 hour restricted access.

* Data supplied in each transaction is split into separate databases and can only be reassembled by hand with proper authorization.

* Commercial 256 bit encryption SSL certificate security protecting your information while traveling between your computer and our servers.

* Firewall, IP logging, password protection and encryption.

Does CADDIT share the information it receives?

* When required by legal authorities compliant to the laws of NSW, the Commonwealth of Australia and relevant international authorities. CADDIT will comply in any legal investigation of the conduct of its users. Our site is for engineering and IT professionals, not for criminal or subversive activity.

* when relevant to a complaint or comment that arises directly between the customer and one of our vendors, when required to resolve the dispute. Or when required by a legally enforceable third party investigation of aforementioned customer / vendor.

* CADDIT DOES NOT SELL OUR CUSTOMER DATABASE TO ANYONE, including independent companies that we may link to from our site, or vendors which we represent. CADDIT is independently owned and operated.

* CREDIT CARD NUMBERS are broken up across our systems, and never readable from one location or ever available to third-party institutions of any sort from these servers. Each payment is then processed by hand, at which time authorized work is carried out to reassemble card details for relevant financial institution(s) authorization only.

* PAYPAL transactions are completed entirely on, according to the terms and conditions of the use of their service. Customers enter their payment details on and then are forwarded back to for purchase confirmation and software download.

If you require more information about the information CADDIT maintains or how it is kept, you can contact us here.
You can view and update your information at any time by logging in and changing your information here.


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