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1. makes a reasonable effort to keep the prices and information for the CADDIT CADstore accurate and up to date. However, can not guarantee the absolute legal accuracy of every detail of information displayed. We do not guarantee the accuracy of exchange rates displayed or inferred. Buyers are encouraged to CONTACT US with questions about our products. Please see HERE for our shipping and return policy.
2. Keeping record of serial codes and one useable archive copy of their purchased software installer (on USB thumbdrive, portable drive, CD, archive server, etc) once issued is the user's responsibility. For customers who continue to loose their serial codes, downloads, etc. there is a $25 lookup fee after the first request. The first request is free.
3. This website provides advice about software and solutions that is general in nature only. Companies and/or individuals should consider all information for themselves before making product or design decisions.
4. All information on this site, including (but not limited to) product description, pricing, packaging options, discounts and promotions on this website subject to update without prior notification.
5. CADDIT adds a 0% surcharge on all credit card purchases, however international banks may add surcharges of their own. Buyers should first check with their financial institution regarding applicable fees before using their card on this site. Credit Card orders paid in non-AUD (AUD = Australian Dollar) funds will only be charged to the card specified in AUD according to the daily exchange rate published on
XE.COM, according to standard regulations of Australian e-merchant facility partners.
6. CADDIT reserves the right to request additional information needed for processing an order and also to unilaterally cancel any order and to process any subsequent refund credit due to the account from which the order was paid (if possible) of the transaction amount received in AUD, within 10 business days.
7. Problems observed first by customer without corresponding prior notification from us (see §6), regarding missing product delivery, product condition upon arrival or non-conforming manufacturer defect, must be reported by the customer within 45 calendar days of placing the product order to begin investigation, tracking or resolution offer.
8. It is illegal to complete any transactional contract on the CADDIT CADstore with using false or misleading data. Further, CADDIT reserves the right to verify any information registered against independent sources for accuracy and dispute any transaction deemed suspicious, and seek damages for malicious activity. 
9. Activity that is otherwise considered illegal, either in the state of New South Wales, the Commonwealth of Australia, or by international treaty is not permitted here. Aforementioned legal repercussions apply.
10. does not take responsibility for actions of individual members, their unedited forum posts or reviews. will comply with any criminal or civil investigation deemed enforceable either by aforementioned state, national or international law. As copyright holder, CADDIT reserves the right to edit or delete offensive material. All transactions and IP addresses are logged for your protection and safety. Read more in our
privacy policy.
11. Electronic license keys will be shipped VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS REGISTERED IN THE ORDER. Ensure that all information provided regarding customer account is accurate, and that the email domain is accepted by the receiving email server. Please allow at least one business day for order processing, AEST time.
12. CADDIT respects all legitimate lawful & binding copyrights, patents and trademarks as per the Australian Commonwealth
Copyright Amendment Act of 2000. Suggestions on improving our representation of various products can be submitted via "Contact Us" and reviewed at our webmasters discretion.
13. Software sold through this website and affiliate sites is subject to the terms of the license agreement provided with each software product. All software products are sold without additional warranty, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, beyond those required by the Australian Trade Practices Act 1974 and Australian Consumer Law of 2011. Refunds are not issued for change of mind, mistaken order, misread information, misunderstood requirements or other error by customer, change of business, change of requirements etc. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee at our discretion. General software performance issues, which always vary according to the hardware and OS configuration of an installation's target system, are not deemed necessarily fault of or failure of software to comply with its published description. Minor functionality bugs and errors are usually addressed in update patches which are released during the normal software development process.
14. All public content of this website is copyright of Trustee for the CADDIT Trust T/A CADDIT Pty Ltd Australia unless reproduced by implicit/explicit permission of another entity. All comments, forum posts, reviews, articles and other contributions likewise remain the property of the aforementioned CADDIT, to be redistributed at will, published, edited, deleted, archived, quoted or otherwise used as intellectual copyright under applicable law by CADDIT only, regardless of content origin. No content of this site, in part or whole, may be taken, reproduced or published in any way by another party without written the consent of CADDIT. CADDIT reserves the right to seek for damages and/or prosecution in the event of any IP or copyright infringement. Concerns regarding content found on this website should be addressed to the site
15. Use of this CADstore is entirely voluntary. Customers can also contact CADDIT via telephone, post, fax or email. CADDIT is not liable for any damages caused to any party or extended party, seen either as an inadvertent or intentional direct or indirect result of anyone's use or misuse of this site, beyond such liability required of specialty e-commerce site in accordance with
regulations of the State of NSW and the Commonwealth of Australia.
16. Transactions here executed are deemed as Purchase Orders having an implicit contractual status (between the buyer and CADDIT, the seller), in good faith, indicating a commitment from the buyer to buy goods from the seller at price specified on this website, according to these terms of use and requiring payment in advance by methods offered by this site, unless otherwise indicated by CADDIT in writing.  Delivery however may be subject to stock and availability. If a product is not available, the buyer is guaranteed to receive a full refund of the transaction amount with notice of unavailability.
17. CADDIT makes voluntary effort to cooperate with customer/end-user wishes regarding any appointment of a THIRD-PARTY, proxy or consultant in the ordering or delivery of our products. Such wishes remain entirely the choice and responsibility of the customer. CADDIT accepting orders from such agency shall in no way imply its having a similar service engagement with CADDIT. The customer indemnifies CADDIT of all margins, fees, levies, liability or other claims involving customer's choice of third-party. Licenses are only granted to the company matching the order details, are non-transferable except by written permission of CADDIT. Product support to third parties remains entirely at CADDIT's discretion.

18. Choice of law. Legal and jurisdictional venue for all implicit contracts and therefore legal disputes arising from said contracts executed through this website is herewith stated as: Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia (unless otherwise authorized by CADDIT in writing).
19. If any provision of these Terms or the application thereof shall, for any reason and to any extent, be invalid or unenforceable, neither the remainder of these Terms nor the application of the provision to other persons, entities or circumstances shall be affected thereby, but instead shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law (severability). No exceptions shall be granted other than those required by law or supplied by CADDIT in writing.
20. Use of this site is deemed to mean that you both understand and accept these conditions of use and that you are authorized to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself or the legal entity you represent. Further, you acknowledge that you are 13 years of age or older, and, if under the age of 18, are using this Site under the active supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult. Individuals who are under the age of majority in their jurisdiction are not allowed to use this Site or transmit or otherwise submit personally identifiable information to CADDIT.

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