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Installation of MathCAD Version 14 (M020)

This is Beginners tutorial for the installation of MathCAD version 14. You may also read the additional PTC licensing details for MathCAD HERE.

Free Mathcad Trial:

  1. Download MathCAD 30 day trial version from the following link:

    Follow the prompts and add to cart (there is no cost associated with the 30 day trial version). Download the zip file to an appropriate location on your computer
  2. Mathcad Installer CADDITWe start the process, either by double-clicking the downloaded CADDIT installer (shown right), or by extracting the file from its compressed state in a ZIP format.
    In this tutorial, we will be using a stock downloaded file as shown here.
    By double clicking the file, you will either open up the window's based extraction program or your specified ZIP file extractor such as WinRAR or WinZIP.
    Extract the files to a location where you have roughly about 250 megabytes available for the installation files.
    Confirm the start of the extraction of the installation files and allow the extraction of the installation files to be completed.
  3. Once completed access the folder where the installation files have been extracted to. Browse the folder until you find setup.exe - double click to start the install of MathCAD.
    You should see the following image, click on button MathCAD 14 (note next to button, it should say that the program has not been installed*):

    MathCAD install button with the installation warning next to it
  4. The installer will take you through the process, click next to proceed and accept the terms and licence agreement after you have read and agreed to them.
  5. Next you will be presented with a set of fields which need to be filled in with your customer details as well as your product key that you have been issued1. NOTE: If you are installing the trial version, do not fill in the product key field and click next. This will open up a question dialogue box which says:
    "You have chosen to install an Evaluation Copy of MathCAD 14.0 (M020), which will expire at the end of the evaluation period. To install a licensed copy of MathCAD click "No" and enter you product code in the previous screen. Continue?".
  6. Click yes to Proceed with the installation of your trial.
  7. Next, select the location in which you would like the installation of MathCAD to be placed in your system. To change the location, click change and make the necessary changes to the directory where MathCAD is to be installed. Once completed click Okay and then install to start the installation process.

MathCAD Installation animation process

Installing Mathcad License:

NOTE: For complete information about managing Mathcad licenses, see the full Mathcad license guide HERE.

For license installation you will first need to acquire the full version of Mathcad from CADDIT. If you have not specified a licence key due to having a licensing file or that you are running the trial, before you click finish, ensure that the box is ticked for run the licence setup to acquire or specify a licence.

NOTE: In case you have either hastily clicked finish without ticking this box or that in a later stage you need to update your licence details, you can access the file via going to the MathCAD directory > MathCAD14 > MCLicence  and the start the MCLicence.exe located there to start the licensing program.
Generally you only need to specify the new license file, leave the port setting as it is.

NOTE: A typical installation can configure a new nodelock license file from the Windows command line:
<path>\mathcad.exe /license where path=installation location of Mathcad, i.e.
"C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad 14\mathcad.exe" /license
Alternatively this can be found manually by going to the location of where Mathcad is installed: Mathcad> Mathcad 14> MCLicense> MC License Application.
MathCAD version 14.0 will not be able to start-up unless you complete the licensing step properly, either through the installation process via the product key given or that by accessing via trial or product file key. The following Window should open to start the process as shown here:

MathCAD licence setup Animation with various licensing methods

All Mathcad licenses are available through your Mathcad distributor in Australia, - please contact us for help.
· If you are acquiring a trial Licence, you will need a internet connection to do this. Click acquire licence over the internet, and select the option of Obtain 30 day licence trial. Click next and select the "Create PTC Account". This will open an internet explorer window which you will be redirected to PTC to fill in the required fields to get the PTC Log in details for the trial licence. Once completed, got to the email account to confirm your registration as well as your login account details. Go back to the MathCAD licence program and fill in the fields of your PTC login details. Click Finish to complete the registration process.
· Now if you have a product key upgrade with a code. Go to acquire Licence over internet and fill in the required field and complete by clicking finished.
· For Product Licensing via USB or licensing file, Click the specify location of a licensing file on disk. Select the file path via the triple dot button, select the appropriate licensing.DAT file and click okay and finish.
You have successfully completed the installation of MathCAD ver14.


When installing Mathcad 14.0 on MS Vista an error might occur: "Error 1904.Module \mcformsr.ocx failed to register. HREASULT -2147220473" and subsequently the Insert Component dialog in Mathcad will be empty and Mathcad components will not work.
The issue only occurs on Windows Vista systems which don't have VS2005 SP1 DLLs installed prior to Mathcad's installation. Users would normally have these DLLs installed if they install other applications (e.g. Office 2007) which use them.
The workaround for users who encounter this problem is to pre-install the VS2005 SP1 DLLs prior to Mathcad's installation. To do that, one can download vcredist_x86.exe from Microsoft's web site:
Install it before installing Mathcad 14.0 (following the installation instructions from the link above). This error will be fixed in a future release.
* = if the installer does say you have completed the installation, yet you cannot access MathCAD, make sure you have completed the correct registration of licence issued. Otherwise use the repair function which is made available by clicking the installation button again.
1 = If you have either a commercial or educational product key, please use in the appropriate field.

Free Mathcad eBook from Mathcad Educational Training & Support Australia

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