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     With AutoCAD® 2017 DWG, Windows 10 & Full PDF support.

    progeCAD advanced IntelliCAD software offers reliable AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT compatible design at a fraction of Autodesk prices. progeCAD more closely emulates the AutoCAD-like interface and commands, including IntelliCAD AutoLISP® interpreter command line, similar basic editing commands and robust Autodesk DWG CAD file compatibility. This means basic IntelliCAD legally works like & writes DWG files compatible with AutoCAD, when AutoCAD itself becomes too expensive for the small to medium business (SMB). Indeed, larger companies elect to have both products together (i.e. "central" AutoCAD workstations supported by a group of affordable IntelliCAD systems). progeCAD adds important features, stability patches and advanced support to the basic IntelliCAD product - greatly extending IntelliCAD's usefulness in medium-heavy project environments.

    IntelliCAD. What is the difference?

    Feature progeCAD Pro AutoCAD other versions
    "AutoCAD®" brand No! Yes! No!
    Native DWG Yes! Yes! Yes!
    DWG 2.5-2017 Yes! No! Maybe
    Convert Images & PDF Yes! No! Maybe
    QDIM, Express Tools Yes! Yes! No!
    EasyArch Drawing module Yes! Yes! No!
    $Price (inc Australia GST) AUD$595 $2000+ (Rental) Varies?
    Read our full product benchmark HERE...

    Our CADDIT / progeCAD "Value Add" Proposal...

    bullet Software offers AutoCAD-like "look and feel", icons, commands & layout visualization
    bullet Edit, print and convert DWG file from almost any version of AutoCAD
    bullet Quick dimensioning tool, spelling checker, in-place block and text editing
    bullet Advanced 3D solid modelling, 2D block library (ALE), Express Tools
    bullet Share drawing data as STL, Google Earth models, SVG XML, PDF, ACIS .SAT
    bullet Convert scanned drawing to CAD file, import PDF to DXF / DWG file
    bullet Supported add-ons for HVAC & Electrical, CNC, Civil Engineering & Land Survey..
    bullet True DRX and IRX C++ API, SDS, VSTA VBA and AutoLISP programming support
    bullet Local web forum, classroom training & tutorials. Plenty of options for support.
    bullet Join many many many other happy users
    progeCAD Professional / AutoCAD-like Interface
    AutoCAD like commands, menus and toolbars AutoCAD DWG file model space AutoCAD paper space progeCAD AutoLISP VBA and C++ program Geometry snap points handles and grips 3D modeling shade and render commands
    AutoCAD style commands menus and toolbars AutoCAD DWG model and paper space read-write AutoLISP interpreter, VSTA, C++ and macros Object "grips" for quick and easy editing 2D and 3D design, shading and render command

    System Requirements

    Windows 7 Windows 10
    • Intel Pentium®4 or more powerful processor (recommended)
    • Supports Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows7, 8.1 or Windows®10
    • 4 GB RAM (minimum), 8 GB (recommended for complex drawings)
    • Minimum 10 GB+ of free hard disk space; OpenGL graphics (preferred)

    The IntelliCAD Software History...

    Note: more information about IntelliCAD history and the ITC can be found on Wikipedia HERE.

    Many people equate CAD software directly to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. A large share of the general public is still totally unaware that there are many other CAD programs, even many other *types* of CAD, as well as different CAD file formats and standards. The first commercial CAD systems required specialized hardware and extensive administrative overhead to keep in operation. In 1982, a team of 15 released the first successful stand-alone CAD that worked on commodity PC hardware. It was based on a previous work by Mike Riddle called MicroCAD, and was originally planned to assist with "desktop automation" tasks. This new concept was called AutoCAD, and it first sold for $1000 USD.

    AutoCAD introduced other concepts to the general public: the first open CAD exchange format specification. This Data eXchange Format, or DXF, soon became a defacto 2D CAD standard, supported by virtually all platforms. This move ironically helped assure AutoCAD's place as a market leader. The DXF specification was kept basic, only allowing translation of geometry necessary to communicate with downstream applications. Ownership of AutoCAD was still required to read the binary DWG data which stored the complete drawing, including copious attributes and data.

    progeSOFT IntelliCAD (progeCAD)progeCAD Professional Enhanced 3D Rendering for AutoCAD 2010 2014 2017 DWG

    In 1997, Visio Corporation (now owned by Microsoft) purchased the Boomerang / Phoenix project, a developing alternative to the obviously overly-priced AutoCAD. This software would offer a similar "look and feel", support AutoCAD commands and AutoLISP scripts, and - most importantly - reliably read and write AutoCAD DWG files as it's native file format. The software was called IntelliCAD.

    When Microsoft purchased VISIO, it declined to enter into the DWG drafting software market. Instead, the IntelliCAD code base was to be further developed by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, or ITC. ITC members are permitted to use the developed code base in their own commercial end-user products, including DWG converters and viewers. IntelliCAD is legal software, protected by a 1997 FTC decision (and others) in response to Autodesk's near-monopoly market share in some industries.

    progeSOFT is based by beautiful Lake Como, Italy, and an ITC executive member of the with many years of advanced CAD development experience. progeCAD IntelliCAD Professional exclusively offers flexible choice of license configurations, including single stand-alone license, floating NLM network, travelling USB, corporate, office and free educational. Together with qualified local and international support teams, progeCAD offers the complete winning combination at a very reasonable price.

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