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#872 by drawit
Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:42 pm
Hello Cad Friends,

May I ask for help please ? I am using ProgeCAD 2009 Smart. This could be a serious bug affecting your accuracy of your drawings unless the other versions do not behave like this. Please check now and respond.

I am trying to learn how to draw lines using surveying units. I enter Units command and for angular units put in 5, then when it asks me angle 0 direction <0> I put in E. Actually I have tried it several ways and also changed the measure angles clockwise to counterclockwise but nothing works. I can get N to be Up but West to the left keeps listing as East. Is this a bug or does ProgeCAD 2009 Smart not allow this to work on purpose ? I do not think it is a UCS problem because I made sure it was set on World and I can see the Icon and x is to the left and Y is up.

Also I have tried setting the angular units command using decimal. Under units I tell the software I want angle 0 to be 0 and it accepts it. Then when I go back into units again to check it, Angle 0 direction is 0.09125233.

If I draw a line and type in the angle to be 0 it draws it 0 and lists it 0. However if I draw a line with ortho on and snap off, the line lists as 0.09125233. And if I type dim ang and dimension between the two I get 0.09125233

Are these bugs or is ProgeCAD 2009 Smart made this way on purpose ? Does the professional version work any better than this ?

I sure welcome any help with this you can give !!!