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#954 by Scottintexas
Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:24 am
I used the library to add structural angles to my project. I am attaching the angle to a 3D Node in the center of a tube of steel. I need to extrude the 3D part to the walls of the tube ( +Y and -Y ). The tube is a 24" diameter pipe, 1/4" thickness.

I have the student edition which I am using to design a BBQ on a trailer.
#1754 by Tonez
Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:19 am
Possibly this may help, but I am pretty new at all this...

In your model view of the 24 inch tube... (44 gallon drum is it?)

First, edit the 3D profile of your tube and put a variable for its diameter - say "Dia". Give this any value. Let's say 24".

Insert the library L angle as a fragment, then in the model tree, right-click it and choose "variables". One of the variables is "Length" the value of which is a constant.

Instead of its constant (5?) put the "Dia" variable there. (right-click in the length field, choose "Insert Variable", choose "Dia").

The length of the angle will now be equal to the diameter of the drum (24").

Finallly, add some mates that locate the L angle symmetrically across the centreline of the drum.

See what happens when you change the diameter of the drum. The angle continues to span the diameter.

Is this how it is supposed to look?


Hope this helps.