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#2358 by SClapham
Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:12 am
Hi guys
How do you go about removing the double menu bar I now have along the top of my window? My view is in CAD classic and it looks like there is some remnants of the ribbon view still showing (I now have the funny 'P' progecad symbol and a menu bar below, similar options to my normal menu bar set alongside the 'P' and also a dark grey bar running across the screen)

#2359 by caddit
Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:25 pm
Hi SClapham,

First, you are using the Workspace switcher. "CAD Classic" and "Ribbon menu" are just names for seperate flexible Workspace environments - not rigid interface "modes". So, for example, users may still have the Ribbon in the "CAD Classic" Workspace (a few users do, to help them transition) or still activate floating toolbars for "Ribbon menu". They are just names.

Obviously the image that you shared doesn't tell the whole history of how you arrived to this point, but here is our guess:
It appears like you may have trying to do some manual "tweaking" on your own to the Ribbon groups after switching the workspace, likely with the thought that removing all of them would make the Ribbon itself "go away" - but instead you were left with an empty gap for a Ribbon menu. This is because the Ribbon itself was never turned off.

Instead, the proper way to turn off the Ribbon was from the Main Menu:
"Tools" -> "Ribbon menu" -> "Off"

Please give it a try. Like so:

PS Note, by default AutoCAD themselves discontinued support for their Classic Workspace since version 2015: ... -2015.html
"Just so you know.."