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#2337 by ProgeCADuser
Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:16 am
Why isn't there a BIND xref function in ETransmit command similar to AutoCAD ???

Makes the ETransmit command useless without this option in my opinion.

I've also noticed there is no facility for batch plot to PDF within ProgeCAD.


#2338 by caddit
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:31 pm
Hi and Welcome ProgeCADuser,

Thank you for your feedback. We might, however, reserve any judgement on our implementation of eTransmit. Many users need this function, and thus far no one else has reported it to be "useless". Perhaps we should be asking, which version of progeCAD you are using? Actually, the XREF BIND option to which you refer for progeCAD 2017 is the same place as it is in AutoCAD: In the XREF manager, as shown below:


As well documented in progeCAD help, if you search for BIND:
Code: Select allBind Click to make the selected external reference a permanent part of the drawing, which is the same as inserting a separate drawing as a block. In the dialog box that displays, choose Bind or Insert.

Choosing Bind creates a unique name for each named entity, such as a layer or block, that is located in the external reference. For example, a layer named Electric in the external reference will be named Xref$0$Electric in the current drawing. If the current drawing already has a layer or block with the same name, the name is changed incrementally, for example, Xref$1$Electric.

Note that this is a very similar level of functionality as found in AutoCAD.

As to adding batch plot functionality, we are still looking into this for you and will revert shortly.
#2339 by ProgeCADuser
Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:09 pm
Thanks for your reply. What you have indicated is the 'Bind' function within the X-ref manager.

What I was referring to was the 'Create Transmittal' function under the command 'ETRANSMIT' Within AutoCAD (see below) this gave the option to allow a number of drawings to be made into a winzip file, it had an option to bind each of the xref's when adding multiple drawings.

Is there any proposals to build this feature into ProgeCAD ?


#2341 by caddit
Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:00 pm
Hi ProgeCADuser,

Thank you for the screen shot. So we are not quite so convenient as AutoCAD in this one regard :)

Yes, the progeCAD 2017 user will first have to bind the XREFs in the XREF manager, THEN eTransmit to acheive the desired result in your case. But the result is the same we should think. Again, this is hardly any real limitation, nor does it render our eTransmit implementation "useless". IMHO just a question of symantics, no?

OK, we have discussed you request into batch plotting and Ben will do a tutorial for you on his blog soon. Enjoy.