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#2329 by Alan Pike
Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:56 am
I am trying to loft from one hexagon about 0.8 m on a side to another hexagon about 0.2 meters on a side. The smaller cross section is about 0.7 meters above the first. The path or guide i would like the loft to follow is a curving polyline shaped so it looks like the horn of an antique phonograph.
I don't see at the moment how to attach to this...
What i really need is to loft or surface to this shape and then flatten (like the convert to sheet metal in Geomajic) so that I can cut it on my cnc plasma table. I need only one of the sections.
Current attempts to do the loft: If to Path, where I can choose one path entity, works (lofts) but the resulting solid is warped with all sides moving in the one direction of the curved path.. When trying to use guides, I select the top and bottom cross sections, enter, guides, then while it prompts to chose guide profiles (plural) it does nothing when clicked to select!!

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