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#2217 by andyarchitect
Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:16 pm

Is there a button or comand to lock to an axis in Progecad? For example in Sketchup you hold down shift to do this, or in Microstation you would press enter / return.

To give an example i have selected some lines and i wish to move them only along the line of the X axis... but then to snap to a point on another line on a diferent part of the drawing to define how far along the X axis they move.

At the moment the only way i can find to do this is to draw extra construction lines from both points to create an intersection and then delete then after moving the objects.

Perhaps this funcion just doesn't exist in progecad but either way it would be good to know because its driving me nuts trying to find a hidden function that might not even be there lol.

Thanks :)

#2218 by caddit
Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:00 am
Dear andyarchitect,

AutoCAD and progeCAD use "point filters" to accomplish this design task. Please refer to the progeCAD help for point filters here:

As well as to the CAD user discussion here

In AutoCAD meta-keys have more important behaviour. In AutoCAD shift is used during multi-select as "deselect", and enter is used as the command/repeat key.

Please let us know if the question is resolved for you.