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#2106 by Orange
Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:52 pm
The problem is with the "center on page" case, in the "Advanced" tab on the "Print" window, in all layouts and in the model tab. All those tabs need to be corrected in order to fix the issue, including in the model tab.

For some reason, the "Center on page" case seems to get some default values that are incorrect (should be 0.0), and those values recenter everything on PaperView when "Apply to Layout" is clicked or when "Print" is clicked.


Go on each Paper view layout tab. Open the Plot window. Go to the Scale/View tab and set to Extends. Make sure the Paper size units at the right lower corner of the Scale/View tab is consistent with your drawing units. Go to the Advanced tab. Unmark the "Center on page" case. Input 0 to each X and Y values. Leave the "Center on page" unmarked. Click on "Apply to Layout" button at the bottom of the Print window. Click Exit at the bottom of the Plot window.

Go on the Model tab (Model view). Repeat the above procedure.

Extend the viewport window to the left margin of the paperview limit. That is why the viewport is moving, the sofware tries to align the side of the viewport with the printing limits of the paperview

The Viewport and all other elements on the Paper view will now stay in place at the moment of the printing. This is valid for both Progecad 9 and 10 versions.
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#2109 by Orange
Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:35 pm