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#1609 by RobinL
Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:23 am
progeCAD 2011 recently downloaded and installed XP SP2.

Create a closed 3dpolyline in one layer.
Set another layer as current.
Select that 3dpolyline as boundary region.
use "bhatch" to fill that 3dpolyline in this second layer.
both the the first layer and the second layer are set to be visible.
Set hatch as associated with boundary.
On OK the original 3Dployline is not visible nor is the hatched region.

What have I set wrongly?

#1612 by RobinL
Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:43 pm
Further info...

In this example both layers are unlocked.

Previously, in the same drawing this was working as expected, but something has changed.

I want to put solid fill in a separate layer so that I can choose to print or not print the filled regions.

This problem seems to have occurred after I had a problem in trying to select a associated boundary hatch filling to change its hatch pattern. Every time that object was selected there was no handle to get the edit of the hatch to be available in the right click menu. The handles only showed the points on the associated boundary. In desperation I deleted the boundary hoping that the fill would also disappear, hence redo the whole thing. But instead the hatch filling remained in the view. This screen object could not be selected. Reducing the layer visibility down to the fill layer only this orphaned component remained. I can't remember how I finally got rid of this object.

But after this I now have this problem that on bhatch-ing a closed 3dpolyline, the 3dpolyline region disappears on the OK of hatch window. Undo reverts to the unfilled region boundary.

BTW: how do you select the hatch region properties of such a filled region so that you can edit the hatching pattern / colour?

#1614 by RobinL
Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:14 am
More experimenting ... It seems as if it is only the SOLID pattern that gives this problem. I have been able to hatch other closed 3dpolylines without problem provided the pattern is created from lines and dots. The current diagram has no hatched areas so it can't be speed problem. BUT I need the SOLID pattern.

But it used to work OK for this drawing (about 2 days ago). My thought is to do with the way progeCAD is sending the fill region to the graphics card. Just tried 2 other graphics applications, SmartDraw 2007 and Visual Chartform - both still are able to operate with numerous filled regions without hassle.

XP 2002 SP3 3Gb Ram, 41Gb HHD C: free.
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.

Should I un-install and re-install progeCad 2011 Prof ?

#1615 by caddit
Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:34 pm
Hello RobinL,

We currently have a developer looking into this, but my experience with "hatch dissapearing" is this is mainly a graphics glitch on some PCs and graphics cards.

I would first suggest you try to print the suspect section of your CAD drawing to PDF file using the progeCAD PDF printer and see if the hatch is still gone.
#1616 by RobinL
Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:16 pm
in new session on the same saved drawing file ...
1) select a closed 3dployline
2) type BHATCH
3) select ANSI137 (cross hatch)
4) click add selected entities
5) on screen, region outline in dashed line and cross hatching showing
6) click OK on hatch edit popup
7) screen reverts to outline with no hatch !!

8) use progeCAD PDF 2011 printer -> PDF -- NO hatching shown !!

in a new (blank) drawing file
i. create 2 closed 3d polylines...
ii. use procedure above to fill one with ANSI237 and the other with SOLID.
iii. Both show correctly on the screen.
iv. use progeCAD PDF 2011 printer -> PDF -- now ANSI237 shown but SOLID is omitted.

A. There is a file corruption in my original drawing which I need fixed - can I send it to you for examination?
B. There is problem in the BHATCH command or its execution environment on my machine.

#1617 by caddit
Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:17 pm
Hello RobinL,

We have confirmation from our support records that this problem has not yet been reported anywhere for the 2011 version. Therefore in answer to your final questions:

A: YES please send the file to Image (Attn: SUPPORT)

B: There is no existing known issue with bhatch in progeCAD 2011. Our lab will review your file and revert back.
#1619 by RobinL
Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:05 am
I have sent the file to support as requested.

Thanks, Robin