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T-Flex newbie question

PostPosted:Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:26 am
by Tonez
I'm using T-Flex Ver 11 on Windows 7 64-bit...

What does it mean when an asterisk appears next to the name of a fragment in the 3D Model tree?

Like this...


Any idea what it means? I can't find any reference to it in the manual.

Thanks, Tonez

Asterisk puzzle SOLVED

PostPosted:Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:30 am
by Tonez
The asterisk marks a fragment that has been fixed in position for when you check out the mates using "Move Components".

If it's fixed in place, it gets an asterisk. Un-fix it and the asterisk goes.

Thought you'd like to know.

3D Assembly constraint in T-FLEX CAD

PostPosted:Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:54 pm
by caddit


PostPosted:Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:17 am
by Tonez
Thanks Caddit. That one had me puzzled for quite a few days. I eventually stumbled over the solution when it showed up in a very simple assembly I built to test out the various ways that mates worked.

Your reply is appreciated.

Thank you.