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#521 by caddit
Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:28 am
These instructions only apply to paid USB permanent licenses for T-FLEX CAD. For instructions on getting a T-FLEX PASSWORD see THIS PAGE. The T-FLEX Trial version is not the same as the full USB version, you will be shipped a copy of the permanent version with your dongle. T-FLEX program and HASP USB drivers must be installed with administrator privileges. Start the T-FLEX USB installer program and click next:


As with loading the Trial Version, the next four boxes display:

1) SLA (Software License Agreement - read, click "I accept" and then "NEXT")
2) User Name & Organization to be displayed with software info
3) Designation Folder - choose where you want to install T-FLEX & click NEXT
4) Default Standard - in Australia use ISO, in USA use US Standard

BEGIN INSTALLATION. Copying the files could take a few minutes.

AFTERWARDS T-FLEX INSTALLER ASKS IF YOU WANT TO INSTALL THE USB SECURITY DRIVER. CLICK "YES". After installing the driver as administrator, you may insert the T-FLEX USB HASP Dongle. At this point a device manager notification should appear (by the System Tray in Windows XP) as follows:


After a few moments, Windows should have successfully configured the dongle automatically and the dongle LED should begin to glow. you should also see another message stating the dongle is ready for use:


At this point you can start T-FLEX CAD from the Start Menu. If you get the error box:


...means that either the installed version of T-FLEX is newer than your dongle is licensed for or that the dongle itself has not yet been configured. Contact us at CADDIT for assistance with this.

As a final reminder, Always keep an archive copy of your T-FLEX USB Installer executable OFF YOUR PC (i.e. on backup disk, USB storage, DVD, etc). Keep in mind that you can restore/repair/uninstall T-FLEX using this same installer program. Also, keep your HASP in a safe place as we do not issue free replacements for lost or stolen HASP keys.

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