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#355 by faiez
Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:03 pm
I need the postprocesseur for cnc sytem ( tigre4) / artcam; can you help me
thank you
#356 by caddit
Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:39 am
Hello faiez,

Is this your kind of CNC machine center?

Image Image

It looks like a perhaps older three axis type CNC mill controller, in that case I am sure that Dolphin PartMaster CNC would have a postprocessor for it:

A partial list of ready postprocessors for Dolphin CNC CAD CAM is here:

Otherwise I am afraid you will have to speak directly with your software vendor as to what their postprocessor requirements are.
#361 by faiez
Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:56 am
Yes cncsystem (tigre4) is the second picture ; I need the postprocessor for artcam or topsolid, please can you help me
thank you :)