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Low-cost CNC Software for Lathe, Milling or Wire EDM Machining.

Download Dolphin PartMaster CNC software full version trial. PartMaster is a Windows 7 compatible CNC Lathe, Milling and Wire EDM software for most all CNC controllers including Fanuc, Bridgeport, Bosch, Cincinnati, Fagor, Hass, Mach 2 & Mach 3, Siemens, TurboCNC, Japax, Charmilles and more... click HERE to download a SAMPLE OF CNC CONTROLLERS. Flexible NC Contour programming, canned cycle and VBA macro support. After 30 days the software is limited to the free CAD drawing functions only. Download this 30-day trial version or buy permanent license clicking HERE. Feel free to CONTACT US with any questions.

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Key features of Dolphin PartMaster Level Three CNC Software include:
● Choice 3 axis milling (W/Rotary for A & B Axis), CNC lathe turning or wire EDM
● Customized post processors to generate NC code for most machines
● 3D toolpath back-plotting for simulation/verification
● 2-profile surface, ruled or revolution surfaces (milling), 4-axis taper (wire EDM)
● Canned cycles, VBA custom macro routines and Tooling Database
● 3D Engraving, Thread Milling, Tapered Wall Machining and Ramp Down Options
● Be sure to specify which type of CNC machining license to issue for progeCAM

PartMaster CAD/CAM CNC Software Features
Free 2D Drafting Software for creating new parts and shapesCNC G-code simulation backplotting for toolpath verificationCNC commands selected via easy to use menusMachinists CNC software programming for mill lathe and wire EDMCNC macros, canned cycles, editable toolpaths and post processor customization
Fast and Free 2D DXF Design CADG-Code Post Processing and Back PlottingEasy to Use Menus and Dialogue BoxesComponentized Solutions for Mill, Lathe, WireEDMVisual Basic Geometry Def. and Macros

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