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PythonD 32-bit python for DOS and Windows

Getting Help

      PythonD is a free software product. Although we feel the program functions well, bugs and problems may still arise from time to time. Many of these are already discussed in the PythonD FAQ. 

     With PythonD, every effort is being made to provide a fully-complaint Python interpreter. PythonD was compiled directly from source code provided at Although slight modifications have been needed, most general questions regarding Python programming can still be answered on the Python newsgroup. The Python website also features extended documentation and tutorials for those new to the Python language.

     PythonD is designed to work as part of the DOS-DJGPP platform. Limited technical support for DJGPP applications is available on the DJGPP newsgroup and mailing lists. I monitor the DJGPP newsgroup regularly.

     There are also various mailing lists for a few of the individual PythonD modules. General questions concerning configuring your Wattcp.cfg for networking might get answered on General tips on PyOpenGL programming might be found at For help with using the LibXML2 and libXSLT wrappers only, one could try subscribing to the list(s) found at