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progeCAD Smart free CAD­ Discovers COOL! Award 2008

  'AutoCAD® Compatible' Software FREE
non-business use only.

Home kitchen and bath renovationDownload progeCAD Smart! 2009 "personal freeware" CAD offering progeCAD performance and real DWG compatibility. progeCAD Smart! is free for personal, non-profit, student and learning use only. progeCAD Smart! is now VERY OLD and NOT supported, and may or may not run on Windows 7, 8 or 10 - please see our current Professional version for Windows 10 and AutoCAD 2010 - 2017+ file support, new commands and CAD technology.

Further, progeCAD Smart! is not "open source". progeCAD Smart! is simply registered without charge. NOTE that it is illegal and against your terms of agreement to use Smart! for commercial purpose of any sort. Smart! also has many limitations which not in the Pro version. If you want CAD software for business use, the low cost of progeCAD Professional is well worth while. Smart! user registrations are regularly sent to CADDIT for verification.

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Business users click HERE.

Who should download progeCAD Smart? (free version)
Students learning CAD Yes!   Business (ABN, Ltd, LLC, Inc) No!  
Non-profit Organizations Yes!   Sole Trader, Professional Designer No!  
Hobbyists (not for profit) Yes!   Hobbyists (for profit) No!  

progeCAD Smart! is "charityware". If you enjoy the free product, please take part in the international fundraiser on behalf of Doctors Without Borders for South Asia and South Pacific. Try it - donate today.

IntelliCAD 2008 Professional CAD Drafting and Design Software

""ABB started with progeCAD in the year 2000. ABB has distributed around 15,000 licenses of progeCAD to run our specific application for the Electrical environment; we are also using hundreds of licenses as a CAD base. Our choice for progeCAD was mainly based on the importance of the DWG format and our users past experiences on AutoCAD. The most important benefits are related to the easy and profitable drawing sharing, thanks to the standard DWG format support." - Ing. Maurizio Falsone, ABB Group;

Some progeCAD Professional Features

Read and write newer AutoCAD DWG files
Reliably edit CAD files from almost any version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.
Quick Save and Open
Best performance opening and saving drawings. Improved large files support
utility for gathering, compacting and transmitting an DWG file
Snap 'From' *
The Smart! Snap option completing snap's family
Advanced Refedit (Block In-Place Editing)*
Edit locally individual objects within a Block.
'Save as' supported to make a copy of original
True Color support
Go ahead the limit of 256 colours in drawings
Create Wipeout entities *
Hide part of a drawing that is included in the main drawing
Plot Interface improved *
AutoCAD® style with memorization of previous settings
Improved Asiatic fonts support *
Chinese, Korean and Japanese improved compatibility and new fonts
DWGCODEPAGE system variable
Assign a character set to a drawing. Better drawings interchange
Hidden Lines in Dview (perspective views)
Hide lines now working in perspective
Find & Replace *
Find and replace text and block attributes in DWGs
Software Updater *
the availability of software upgrades are
automatically checked and proposed for download
Entity dependent content menu
Content menu provide commands shortcuts related to the selected entity
Fast layout management
Quick regen on viewports
New system variables
Dozen of new DWG variables supported
Windows Vista
Improved integration and support
Improved Xref support
Xref layers available in the layers dropdown
Xref Manager
A comfortable interface for the management of external references
Bitmap/Raster View
progeCAD 2008 Smart! supports DWG with images, photo, raster editing/visualization
Advanced Attribute editing
Local editing of blocks Attributes

Layer Manager *
Save and Restore Layers configurations
Extended Hatches *
More than 400 Hatch patterns available
Import PDF files to DWG
JPG print*
Export drawing to JPG format
Images Clipping*
Clip and polygonal clip on images
Images Geo-referencing *
Match a particular size and position based on spatial coordinates
ACIS solids
Creation and editing of ACIS Solids
progeCAD Express Tools*
The powerful tool that improve your productivity
Polar Tracking*
Keeps the line to exact angles automatically
Advanced printing features with STB and CTB support
New printing features and support for STB/CTB AutoCAD® configuration files
Advanced rendering module with the management of multiple lights and the creation/editing of materials
Reflection, mirror, transparency, smooth shadows, customizable size bitmap output
Properties Bar
AutoCAD® like Toolbar for Layers, Line types, Colors and Line Width management
Properties Palette*
AutoCAD® like interface for properties modification (Color, Layer, Text height, Line weights, Line Type, Geometry etc.)
progeSOFT Wblock Manager*
Tool for the improved creation of blocks on disk
progeSOFT New Wizard*
Initial configuration mask of new designs based on prototypes or predefined values
progeSOFT DWG Explorer*
Windows Explorer style windows for DWG browsing and block insertion
Otrack® (Etrack)
Automatic points alignment based on other snap point
Management of multiple layouts allows the creation of all print tables of the same design and offers a greater compatibility with AutoCAD®
Layout Advanced Features*
Hide on Layout
Shade on Layout
Selection of Model Space with Double-Click
Layout Tabs
PDF format printing*
progeCAD 2008 Smart! automatically adds a virtual printer which can produce PDF files without the need to own ADOBE ACROBAT.
Real Time Pan & Zoom
progeCAD 2008 Smart! allows users to work with their drawings using RealTime Pan and Zoom and also includes the exclusive progeSOFT's PPan Technology* allowing dramatic improvements with Pan movements
Lineweight for Display and Printing
Lineweight is supported on Video and Plot
ActiveX integration
you can insert IntelliCAD drawings (or just parts of them) into a Microsoft Office application file
Customization (AutoLISP, SDS, COM Automation)
2 programming languages supported by progeCAD 2008 Smart!: LISP and SDS (C++ ADS® compatible) and COM automation
Script Recorder
Like a macro in Word, a script mimics what you type, including command names, options and coordinates
ALE, Blocks Libraries Management*
progeCAD Smart! contains the full version of ALE, the progeSOFT's powerful module for Blocks management
More than 10.000 blocks available in a separate download (free)
-ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO Mechanical
-Electrical components
-3d Kitchen Furnishing
-Oleodynamics and Pneumatics
Unlimited "Undo" & "Redo"
progeCAD 2008 Smart! lets you "Undo and "Redo" an unlimited number of editing actions
The printing of 3D designs with hidden lines and integration with layout
Editable Hatch
IntelliCAD C++ SDS Extension Toolkit
Build progeCAD C++ extensions similar to AutoCAD ADS with this toolkit.
Redline and Markup support *
Support for redlining, commenting, markup and collaboration with progeCAD Viewer DWG
Items with * are progeCAD's exclusive features not available on generic IntelliCAD


Works like AutoCAD ®. Create and edit AutoCAD DWG 2D & 3D files at less than a tenth the cost of AutoCAD. Print PDF, STL & more.

Alibre Design

3D Parametric Mechanical Design Software - low cost & easy to use. Optional sheet metal design, KeyShot rendering & simulation.

Mathcad Prime

Mathcad offers a unique next-generation WYSIWYG calculation software for scientific research, traceability and visualization.

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