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#685 by yarrateck
Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:05 pm
I have just purchased ProgeCAD and upgraded to the latest version. Generally I love the program. It is easy to get used to and its 3D drawing interface is easier to use than Autocad.

My main problem is after viewing the 3D drawings with the hide command, the screen image is beautiful BUT when I try to print it the hidden lines all show their ugly faces.

I have been using Autocad LT 98 and this can handle this OK this wont interpret all the features properly.

I have read that ProgeCAD cannot hide lines when printing.
Is this true and if so will the feature be added in the future?

I can convert the parts and use Alibre but this uses an excessive loss of time. I did this on a job and lost over a day.

#686 by caddit
Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:42 am
Hello yarrateck,

Good research. It's almost accurate, too :)

progeCAD 2009 Professional offers users the option to print shaded and hidden 3D views from layout (paperspace). Paperspace layout viewports (mview) offer several view specific features, including scaling and paper size visualization - and a choice of 3D object visualization modes. Here is an example:

First we create a sample ACIS 3D cylinder (_cylinder cmd) with a quick 5 degree draft angle to the part's side (_soledit -> _taper ; also see "Solids Editing" toolbar) as so:


Switch to one of the Layout tabs along the bottom of the work space and click the view's BORDER line itself (solid outline surrounding the view). The properties pallet will display attributes of the view itself which you can change. Look for the "Visualization Type" property and change to desired 3D visualization for that paper view. Here we switch to "Hidden Line":


Printing works fine using paperspace (layout) viewports for solid display modes, as this print preview for our demo shows in "Flat shaded with wireframe" mode selected:


Please note that not ALL the modes listed are supported yet - but the product is improving. In all fairness to you, the help is also slightly behind the latest progeCAD features in version 2009 right now. We are in the process of releasing an updated version for 2009 help system later this year. But I hope this info can maybe save you a day then next time...