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#2057 by Tyson
Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:50 am
I used to be able to use the PSLTSCALE command to automatically adjust the global linetype scale to a suitable paperspace linetype scale where i have a different plot scale in one paper space compared to the model.

ProgeCAD seems to allow me to toggle it (from on to off and vice versa) but it does not seem to function as expected.

For example, my global line type scale is set at 2.5 (for our 1:250 scale plots) but i have an index sheet at 1:1500, previously i could set the PSLTSCALE to on and the linetype scales would automatically plot at the correct scale for 1:1500.

I am using PCAD 7.2 []

Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong, or if it is a bug?