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#1976 by Tyson
Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:13 am
Next issue for me is the correct setting for angular units.
By default i understand ProgeCAD works with a mathematical angular base where the angles increase anticlockwise with 0 to the right (east). My preference as a surveyor is clockwise with the 0 to the top (north). The clockwise setting works fine, but when i set 90 degrees in the "angular base" field, i have issues with the placement of text and blocks rotating incorrectly. Example when i place text in the direction of 90 degrees (so the text reads upright and normal) the text displays on screen vertically in the direction of north. When placing a block (say a north arrow) i set the placement angle to 0 and the block comes out facing east.
When i select a line on the scree, the properties show that the line has the expected and correct "bearing."
Additionally the setting of this in the drawing properties seems buggy, when i enter 90 using the keyboard and close the settings, i re-open the dialogue to find the setting is now 270. If i use the software up and down buttons it seems to remain as input at 90.
I believe this function is buggy, as it does not perform as expected at all.

#1978 by caddit
Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:37 am
Dear Tyson,

We have a general understanding of the nature of your question, hwoever in cases like this it is best to include a series of step-by-step instructions which can be followed by the developer for opening a ticket.

Are you able to select a specific situation and post your procedure step-by-step with expected result versus actual result?

Thank you.