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#1941 by Steveboyy
Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:17 am
My Fuji Xerox A4 printer has a facility to print in banner, IE, across 4 x A4 sheets with crop marks adn we tape these together to get a large A2 drawing. Progecad 2011 coped well with it, but the 2013 version only prints it as 1 x A4 sheet only even when set up as a banner. Why?
I have reinstalled the3 2011 version just to print teh drawings.

Also, my Help Menu (top left) has reverted back to the simple 4 line 2011 version?? When originally installed, 2013 had a whole column of drop
down lines with "check for Updates", etc. I notice this happened after my PC suspended when I left the office. On awakening the PC,
the menu colour theme changed to blue??? I had to close Progecad and reopen it to get the black colouring back, but the
Help menu stayed as the simple 4 line version. What's up?

Oh, ProgeCAD 2013 is way better the 2011, much faster on complex drawings, where 2011 would often just crash.

Thanks Steve

#1949 by Steveboyy
Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:37 pm
Discovered that under Tools, Options, Experience Level - if you set this to Advanced, then you get more options in your drop down menus. This brought back my 13 line Help menu (from beginner/intermediate which had 4 lines).

#1979 by Dakes2
Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:03 pm
Ive also got some printing problems with the free version, i cant post a new topic for some reason so im trying here, two problems, first is I need to make a pattern that consists of circles within circles (6 1/4" outside Diameter)
This is the way i do it, first go to draw and select circle centre radius, then click on circle and drag to approximate size on the computer screen, print a sample off and drag to adjust size if needed, then place 10 circles inside each other within the first circle, i then need to divide each circle inside the main circle by various divisions, (this i can do) the problem here is how do you equally space each inner circle to each other without having to guess by just looking at the computer screen, my finished printed pattern needs to be 6 1/4" diameter, the othe frustrating part is when i print preview the print is not centred on the print preview and only half of it is showing and would be printed that way,when i close the program and re open it all of my settings are lost such as size etc and i have to start over again