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#1935 by davecoventry
Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:34 am
I have an overly large drawing with many entities which I'm trying to move.

If I select all the entities and tap the space bar I'm asked for the Base point to move from. All well and good.

However, inputting the second 'move to' point is problematic because ProgeCAD tries to redraw the entities each time the mouse cursor is moved, even slightly. This can literally take some minutes while the entities are redrawn on the screen. During this time the mouse cursor is not visible which means that I need to wait for the entities to finish being redrawn before I can see where the mouse cursor is.

Once I see the cursor's position, I can estimate where to move it. As I move the cursor, it disappears and the entities are redrawn after which I can assess whether I have moved the cursor too little or too far. Then I go through the whole process again.

Is there any way of turning this feature off?

So that I can just click the 'from' point followed by the 'to' point without the entities being redrawn incrementally?

It's extremely irritating, not least because the system is quite unstable during this process and prone to crashing.

#1937 by caddit
Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:18 am
Hi davecoventry,

We have good news and bad news :/

The good news is: you can normally switch OFF the drag preview entity visualization that you describe in progeCAD, same way as you would in AutoCAD: simply by setting DRAGMODE to OFF.

The bad news is DRAGMODE is not working as it should. This is a bug.

The good news is this bug is now set to be addressed a future progeCAD 2013 patch, but we do not have an ETA on delivery.