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#1884 by riroko2
Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:50 pm
Does the progeEarth addon, I have used for previous versions of ProgeCad, still work with ProgeCad2013? I have got difficulties getting it to run. If I load the progeEarth menues, all the standard menus disappear. The only way I can bring them back is to reset the menues, but then I have lost the progeEarth ones again.

If I leave the progeEarth menues and try to start, e.g. "Import Points", I'm getting error messages like:

Command: dpimprt
Error: null function
Command: "C:/Program Files/progeEARTH/dpcogo/getent.dll"
Command: '_PMTHIST

So, is progeEarth still running under ProgeCad2013?

The menu thing seems like there is also something going wrong. I thought, if I import additional menues, the previous ones should stay, but obviously they disappear.

Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

#1885 by caddit
Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:07 am
Hi riroko2,

The short answer is that the old version of progeEARTH is not compatible with the new version of progeCAD.

We expect a new version of progeEARTH this week and will advise more to details therewith.