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#1844 by cullumbd
Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:12 pm

I set my plot setup for arch D size, Save the drawing, when I open the drawig again the plot set up has changed back to letter size also the plot has changed from limits to current view.

Bill :(

#1845 by caddit
Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:43 am
Dear cullumbd,

The progeCAD 2011 Professional version only keeps layout settings on specific machines, where a particular printing device has been installed.
If the file origin is different, which means that the printing device/specific software are not the same, the printing settings would be restored to the Default configuration.

The printing settings are recorded in the new drawing only the first time you save it. Afterwards they would be reset to this configuration, you could no longer modify them.

When you open a new drawing, the printing settings been automatically applied are those been set for the Default Printing device active on your specific machine.
The progeCAD software refers to the printing Page Formats proposed by the specific Printing device been selected, which are recorder by your Operating System. To define your specific paper formats, you could try two things:

A. From the progeCAD Print dialog, these settings would be recorded only on the specific drawing you act on

1. Open with progeCAD the specific drawing that you want to print in a desired format
2. Enter the Print dialog, Select the desired Printing device and press the 'Properties' button next to it
3. Look for the possibility to define your Customized printing dimensions; this depends on the specific printing device features, not directly influenced by the progeCAD software.

B. From the Windows Control Panel, in a way to record your settings on your Operating System. These could be recalled when you select the printing device.

1. Open the Windows Control Panel
2. Select the Printers icon, to display the installed Printing devices
3. Select the desired Printer
4. Look at the Printer Properties, you could do it right clicking the specific icon and selecting the 'Printing Preferences...' option

Please notice that the way you would be able to define your printing settings depends on the specific printing device, not on the progeCAD software.