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#1655 by RobinL
Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:44 pm
When editing in progeCAD 2011, there are several aspects of the user interface that seem not working as expected, or as other good Windows programs operate.

Firstly, it seems as if there are many actions need more keystrokes to get the automatic screen redraw to occur. Sometimes the user can't get it to redraw from the menu, it is just locked out until you select a different screen entity and then the broken display is redrawn when it should have been redrawn at the completion of the previous command.

I find that there are many cases where it takes a click in the drawing window and the ESC, ESC before the screen is redrawn to show the result of the last edit. Sometimes, it is not possible to select the last changed item after the editing until you have entered ESC, ESC.

The main 4 areas when this occurs are
1) after changing a value in the Properties display - e..g. changing the colour of a hatched area, changing the layer of a hatched area, changing the rotation angle of text, direct editing the text content of a text entity.

2) changing the layer of an entity to a layer that is not visible

3) after clicking OK on the editing of multi-text popup (BTW it takes a long while for this popup to open) W7 64b 12Gb ram

4) selecting a text entity to copy - apparently the object handle blinks to show that it has been selected, but on paste you find that the object was not put on the clipboard and the previous contents of the clipboard are pasted instead - problem in copy?

I am sure that there are other cases where the user actions could be optimised by looking at the consequences of an edit on the screen display.

Why doesn't the interface work as others do?

That is, a click has a specific purpose to perform an action. 2 ESC should not be necessary to escape back to the command level unless it is a multi-level process (like PEDIT where there is a sub-command level that needs to be exited before the the command needs to be actually exited).