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#1642 by RobinL
Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:19 am
PDF export just produced nothing after giving the PDF a name. I found that the PDF writer was not installed. Install progeCAD about 3 weeks ago W7 64bit 12Gb ram.

I found a message on the forum about this for progeCAD 2010, so I tried the same procedure. However, after installing it using PDFADD/install.exe I get Amyuni Document Converter in my printers list (GOOD). But when I try to print a test page from it I get
"Printer not activated, error -41"

I could not find where to get the progeCAD PDF Printer Properties page suggested in the previous message.

What next?
#1645 by RobinL
Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:31 am
It seems that after doing the install of the printers via PDFADD/install.exe, the the process completed. Then failed to print as per previous message. It seems that a re-boot is required, but not prompted for.

When I tried it before only the Amyuni Document Converter in my printers list.

After a reboot, there must have been a RunOnce routine to be run as I now have a prodeCAD JPG Printer 2011 added to the list (as seen from the W7 Start menu > Devices and Printer), BUT in the printer selector in Print Settings within progeCAD 2011, I can see both progeCAD JPG Printer 2011 AND progeCAD PDF Printer 2011.

Is this to be expected.

Printing to PDF now works.

#1649 by caddit
Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:03 am
Hello RobinL,

Are you saying that this problem is now resolved for you?

We have also noticed this problem occurs when user installed progeCAD / PDF printer without FULL admin rights (for example on Windows 7 with UAC disabled the "run as administrator" function doesn't actually do what it says)

Also on many systems progeCAD required to be run at least once as administrator.

If problems persist you may need to purge your local user progeCAD profile as follows:
And this: