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#1538 by studoc
Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:57 am
I run an old version of autocad (2000), when I need to open a drawing, generally to grab a standard detail, autocad has the option of establishing "favourites" folders within the open drawing dialog box.

In Progecad I have found the dwg explorer dialog box and the open dwg dialog box, but neither of these seem to have the facility for saving frequently accessed locations.

Is there a way around this, or do we have to trawl through our directory structure everytime a dwg is to be opened....?

#1541 by caddit
Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:26 pm

Firstly the questions of setting custom start-up directories for progeCAD has been asked before at this link: ... ht=default

All that a windows favorite actually is, is a Windows .lnk file - a shortcut that refers to another location in the file tree.

What most users normally do is collect the various project-specific shortcuts in a user-specified "default" startup folder (in Explorer, for each one just right-click drag the target "favorite" location across into destination folder and choose "create shortcut.." from context menu) Creating "favorites" this way offers the added advantage of being browsable from applications other than just your CAD program.

Your final solution may involve a combination of the two tips listed above.

#1543 by studoc
Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:50 pm
Ok, I think I get your drift... I need to set up a default location for dwgs to be opened from and set up shortcuts to the folders I regularly access from there...

My Win explorer folders are already cluttered and this throws some more in, but if that's the way forward it's a solution to my question for sure..

On the default folder for opening dwgs, I followed your link (didn't turn that up in my search, just as well you remembered..), I performed the two operations below:

1) progeCAD defaults to first open drawings from the folder from which the last file from the last session was opened before. You can change this behaviour by setting the progeCAD System Variable "REMEMBERFOLDERS" to "Off".

2) The folder which progeCAD _OPENs DWG files from by default is set in _OPTIONS -> "Files/Paths" tab -> "Drawings" (you can edit this field or clear it and use the BROWSE button to select the wanted customer folder).

On task 2), the only folder in the DWGs row now is my projects folder, but when opening a dwg the dialog box defaults to the Progecad directory....

Did I miss something....?