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#1450 by cad-assist
Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:57 am
progeCAD 2010 appears to implement the fixed-length dim-extension- lines system as introduced in AutoCAD around v2006 I think. But it is only half-implemented and in fact doesn't seem to work at all.

This facility is very desirable for people doing building plans who want to use the normal Australian/European dimensioning style. That is, the dimensions are placed well off to the side or top of the plan, and the extension lines do not extend very far toward the drawing outlines and all have a short, fixed length.

progeCAD's Dimension Styles dialogs have no mention of this facility at all.

But the Properties panel for selected dimensions does, but doesn't work. Under Lines, there is a setting for Fixed length extension lines ON/OFF, normally OFF. Turn ON to use this style. Then set the desired ext-line length in the item below it. It is preset to 1 which is a bit silly. Something between say 6 and 10 may be appropriate.

When things are altered in Properties, the affected selected items in the drawing immediately update, but that does not happen for these 2 items. In fact, sometimes I found it caused progeCAD to become "Not Responding" and have to be shut down.

Has anyone been able to make this option work? If so, how?
Probably it should be reported as a bug to be fixed.