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#1437 by craigoz
Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:20 am
Can anyone please advise on the best settings to display profiles and sections extracted from ProgeEARTH? I have successfully created surfaces and extracted profiles and sections from a TIN - however, I cannot get it to display in a useful way.

- Profile of an alignment eg. centreline, display with correct scaling but I cant understand the reference levels,

- Sections along an alignment always seem to display over the top of one another. This means I cant tell which reference levels relate to which section.

I have tried various width of grid, sheet height, width etc buyt without much improvement.

In general I would like to produce:
- a profile of an alignment approx 1200m long with a vertical exaggeration of 50 times
- sections from the above alignment every 30m, with a 50m left & right swath width and a vertical exaggeration of 20 times.

Some suggested settings or hints on how to display meaningful reference levels would be much appreciated
#1439 by cogosoftware
Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:30 am
Here is a link to an updated program file:

Just place it in the dproad directory

Profile example:
Go to Drafting->Drawing setup
When asked for a ratio, enter 1000

Now the text has been set to 3

If you current text style does not have a defined height, the program will use 3.
If your current text style has a defined height, it will be used.

OPen the project in road, then go to DProad->Import existing profile
Horizontal scale = 1000
Vertical scale = 20

Select profile file and choose insertion point.

Horizontal grid lines are placed every meter.
Vertical grid lines are placed according to the "interval to label elevations".
View results.

For the cross sections:
Horizontal to 1000
Vertical to 50

Total width of grid = 200

Sheet height = 900
Sheet width = 558

You can draw a sheet (rectangle) around the sections 625 X 900

If you use other ratios you need to scale the 625 X 900 rectangle down.
500 = 0.5
250 = 0.25
200 = 0.2
100 = 0.1

Feel free to click the help link any time for ProgeEARTH support on our web site:

#1586 by craigoz
Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:02 am
Thanks Dave - all working well.

I would like to export the values that I create when cutting a profile.
eg. if I extract a profile from a TIN on an alignment and display the elevations every 10m, how can I export these to a text file etc.

Along the same line, if I cut sections, can I produce a cross section report?

Anyt advise would be much appreciated.

Cheers - Craig