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#1417 by turbosocks
Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:15 pm
Hey guys (and possibly girls)

I am new to these forums, but worked with CAD for almost 10 years now.

I have only been recently having this issue and can't figure out why.

The issue is when I print from autoCAD (2008) to the Adobe PDF. I am not using any third party ways to print to PDF like CutePDF write or anything. its the default 'printer' 'Adobe PDF' and our CAD center at work created some .pc3 files for it.

What happens is when I have a raster image (happens with jpg, tiff and png) inserted into autocad and I print straight to PDF, the resolution of the image is TERRIBLE, regardless what it looks like in autoCAD or printed to a printer. We are talking like visual 1/16" pixels on a halfsize (11x17) sheet.

I have looked at the .pc3 files and can't figure out what the issues may be. I tried upping the resolution and everything and looking at most of the settings.

I don't have the issue when I print from CAD to a printer though, only to a PDF.

I used to be able to print straight to a PDF fine (in autoCAD 2008) and everything would look great. I am not sure what happened and our CAD center hasn't been very supportive of trying to get the issue figured out.

Below are some links to the files that I uploaded to my website showing the issue.

This pdf is from AutoCAD 2008 to Adobe PDF VVV

This pdf is printed from autoCAD to a printer, then scanned in to show the quality

This is the .pc3 file we are currently using for printing to PDF

Thanks in advance for anyones help/input.