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#1134 by Richard Relph
Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:04 am
i had a problem with my office software and now cannot convert PDF to DXF. I have tried the add ins in office but when I run the *.msi file from within Progecad it only appears to get half way and stops. Any suggestions. PDF printers are loaded and opperational.
#1135 by caddit
Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:55 am
Hi Richard Relph,

Your problems might be caused by the PDF to DXF requiring VBA to work properly. As you suspect, all of these components are deeply interconnected. What happens when you press ALT-F11 from progeCAD? The VBA editor IDE should open.
By the *.msi file "within Progecad" are you referring to:
C:\Program Files\progeSOFT\progeCAD 2010 Professional ENG\VBA\VBAOF11.MSI ??

You should not have to run any other installer from that directory. If the VBA re-installation fails, then you may try to reinstall the VBA components from your Office software and try again. Which version of Office are you running?

Unfortunately Microsoft Office is extremely complex with extra fingers in every part of the registry. Troubleshooting exactly what's wrong can take some time. But if Office VBA is misconfigured, it can make problems for progeCAD VBA as well, they share underlying dependencies.

One user fixed VBA installer problems by re-installing Microsoft VB6 runtime, but there is no guarantee:
#1143 by Richard Relph
Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:04 pm
After a late night or early morning still no success. I have uninstalled and re installed office ( version 2007 ) reloaded SP2. I have serched the nett for a way of reinstalling VBA6 they only want to sell me register repairs . I have made sure VBA addins are in from Excel and Access. If I run VBAOF11.MSI from within ProgeCAD it still only appears to get to 50% and completes/shuts down even after running the repair option on the file. The only item left to do is reinstall ProgeCAD 2009 or re install Vista which does not have a repair option.
I have a disk of ProgeCAD 2008 but not of 2009. Can I re down load 2009? Please don't suggest 2010 as it has not been budgeted for and I had a look at the trial version and on the surface nothing much had changed.
Also while I have your attention I have been considering a computer up grade to Windows 7 64 Bit. Any thoughts on how ProgeCAD reacts to the 64 bit and Windows 7? (I require more Ram for rendering) please help.

#1145 by caddit
Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:33 am
Hi Richard Relph,

VBA is a lightweight, application-specific implementation of the Visual Basic programming language. That's why its called "Visual Basic for Applications" (VBA):

This is why you "serched the nett for a way of reinstalling VBA6 they only want to sell me register repairs". There is no "one-installer-fixes-all-vba" tool to download.

Simply, each software has its own VBA and the (hopefuly correct) .msi file you tried to run is the progeCAD VBA installer. You did try running this with full admin rights, correct?

In your first post you start with "i had a problem with my office software and now cannot..."
Knowing exactly what happened here might be key to understanding why VBA won't re-install for you now. This appears more of a PC-problem than a progeCAD problem. The closest thing I have seen to this kind of behavior was when we test-installed progeCAD 2009 on WINE 0.94.

OK here we go - for a VBA to work, there are multiple lower system dependencies that all need to be in sync and registered properly, including Visual Basic 6 (runtime only - see link above), OLE2, C++ etc. As you know, normally this is unimportant because its all working fine. But when Windows goes wrong, it can be an all-night-mare (sorry) to find where the actual problem is. The trick is not to cause even more damage trying to fix the problem at hand. So its beyond the realm of what we do here.

Based on what I know of your system, the problem could theoretically be anything from a simple file, mis-matched libraries, a virus to a broken registry, if progeCAD VBA won't re-install.

BTW, the archive link for progeCAD 2009 is kept at:

But you should always have a backup copy of your own (this link could be moved again), external drives are pretty cheap these days.

#1149 by Richard Relph
Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:24 am
As usual you are not wrong. I have reinstalled ProgeCAD 2009 and guess what all is well and i can now convert PDF to DWG. I did spend $46 with a computer expert but that is better than the upgrade i was planning. Just a thought how is Windows 7 64 Bit?
Thanks again i have added progeCAD to my Back up. I normally only back up files.