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#875 by drawit
Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:46 pm
Hello Cad Friends,

May I ask for help please ? This could be a serious bug affecting your accuracy of your drawings unless the other versions do not behave like this. Please check now and respond.

I am trying to learn how to draw lines using surveying units. I enter Units command and for angular units put in 5, then when it asks me angle 0 direction <0> I put in E. Actually I have tried it several ways and also changed the measure angles clockwise to counterclockwise but nothing works. I can get N to be Up but West to the left keeps listing as East. Is this a bug or does ProgeCAD 2009 Smart not allow this to work on purpose ? I do not think it is a UCS problem because I made sure it was set on World and I can see the Icon and x is to the left and Y is up.

Also I have tried setting the angular units command using decimal. Under units I tell the software I want angle 0 to be 0 and it accepts it. Then when I go back into units again to check it, Angle 0 direction is 0.09125233.

If I draw a line and type in the angle to be 0 it draws it 0 and lists it 0. However if I draw a line with ortho on and snap off, the line lists as 0.09125233. And if I type dim ang and dimension between the two I get 0.09125233

Are these bugs or is ProgeCAD 2009 Smart made this way on purpose ? Does the professional version work any better than this ?
I was able to contact a CAD expert and author and he said it looks like I have found a bug.

I sure welcome any help with this you can give !!! I like the concept of ProgeCAD it seems like a great advancement if we can iron out all the bugs.

#880 by caddit
Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:51 am
Hello drawit,

This is the first I hear of it, although I must admit that I am not a surveyor. Also, there are a lot of enhancements in the professional version over progeCAD Smart! - especially when progeCAD Pro 2010 is released (free upgrade for all new purchases)

Maybe you would be willing to send a small file with an example of exactly where you find this happening as you describe? Please send via email to:


Time will be somewhat difficult in the next few days, but I hope that someone in development might still be able to have a look..
#881 by caddit
Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:08 pm
Hello again...

One of us ran some tests, and compared results with a software developer. Neither one of them could reproduce the bug using the latest progeCAD Pro 9.0.28.

As I understand your issue as you have written, when two lines are created (ORTHO off, SNAP off):

one using angle measurement in decimal degrees:
Code: Select all@3000<0

one using surveyors angles:
Code: Select all@3000<E

According to your report, there should be an angle disparity of 0.09 degrees. However this was not the case in their tests and progeCAD sees both lines as parallel. Perhaps I misunderstand what you mean?
#888 by drawit
Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:12 am
Hello and thanks for your consideration and time,

Sorry it has been awhile but I have been away due to an emergency.

I was using the latest version of ProgeCAD 2009 Smart to evaluate ProgeCAD and learn about it. Please run your tests with this version and see what results you get and let me know.

If you still cannot replicate the issue I will try to email you an example as soon as I get a few minutes.

Thanks very much for your help,

#1245 by drawit
Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:12 pm
I emailed you a sample drawing of what I was talking about a few minutes ago. I know it has been awhile but perhaps you can take a look at it and see what I was trying to do.

It would be necessary to have this procedure to work right to be able to draw a land area as described by a surveyor or as a legal description on a deed to calculate an area of land, a building area, etc. I was using ProgeCAD Smart when this happened.