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CATIA V5 supports associative drawings that can be quickly derived from the three-dimensional model. In this demonstration, basic view control and dimensioning will be shown.

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    wireframe and surface    Detail Drafting (2D Layout)    

CATIA provides a `NEW LAYOUT´ dialogue box, which will help us quickly generate a drawing from our space model.draw_choose Here we may choose a layout scheme, set layout configuration, or simply start with a blank page. For a quick multiple view drawing oriented to the current space AXIS, we will simply select the `Multiple View´ scheme (second from left). Once our desired layout scheme has been selected, click OK to begin the drafting session.


     The drafting window now opens, presenting the six automatically generated views which corresponded to the layout scheme. draw_drawing1But our text font is too large for the sheet size we have selected, and our views begin therefore to overlap. While holding the CTRL key down (for multiple selections, we will click on each text label until all are highlighted together. By clicking the right-mouse-button, a context menu will appear. Select `Properties´ from the Context Menu. At that time, a dialogue box will appear where you may change the text size as you wish.


     Dimensions can be created easily with the dimension function and then simply selecting the desired refernces for the dimension. Dimension location may be changed by holding the mouse directly over the new dimension and clicking the left mouse button. The cursor will change to a `grasp´, and you may drag the dimension to the desired location.



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