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_Linux Debian Radhet Ubuntu Xandros CAD CAM support and design services in Sydney Australia and New Zealand is an active member of the Linux community and promotes CAD on Linux.

Currently as of 2009 Linux offers a limited selection of professional industrial CAD programs. Driven by market competition to make CAD easier to use, many proprietary CAD programs have developed dependencies on Microsoft MFC, ODBC, OLE2, .NET and other proprietary API for their desktop integrations. When considered with the fundamentally free nature of Linux, many commercial CAD vendors have chosen not to invest in native Linux versions.

Here are a few options for Linux CAD:

VariCAD: Native semi-parametric 3D industrial CAD for mechanical part and assembly design. Surprisingly powerful for its small footprint, VariCAD has been available on Linux for years. Advanced features of VariCAD include sheet-metal form unbending, AutoCAD DWG and STEP file import-export, multi-part assembly BOM output and 3D interference checking. Download VaiCAD here.

progeCAD on Linux under Parallels Desktop: Although not a native application and not officially supported by the manufacturer, many users have discovered progeCAD under Parallels Desktop to be a low cost reliable solution for AutoCAD compatible drafting and CAD design under Linux. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT themselves require much larger memory footprints, more extensive Windows runtime dependencies and higher costs than progeCAD, so some users prefer progeCAD under Parallels.

Otherwise, PythonCAD is a multi-platform set of scripts built on Python-Gtk. It is a very basic 2D CAD drawing program for Linux that reads and writes DXF.

Other CADDIT Linux and Open Source Pages:

  • PythonD the once official port of the Python programming language to MS-DOS using the DJGPP 32-bit extender for MS-DOS
  • Our old Linux unofficial support page for Debian Sarge on a LG LS-50 Laptop PC.
  • Miscellaneous DJGPP-from-Linux Ports.
  • Sharing LINUX SANE Scanner with Windows Clients.
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