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Download CAD CAM CNC software compatible to convert SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor for part, assembly, sheet metal, CNC milling, flame cutting, tool and die, machinists drawing, forming, stamping, CNC lathe turning with help and support

Affordable 3D PLM

T-Flex CAD Parametric Assembly Design T-Flex CAE Physics and Motion Simulation
Parametric CAD and Assembly Modelling, Drafting and PDM Assembly Kinematics and Motion Simulation
T-Flex Finite Element Analysis T-Flex CAD CAM CNC Milling
Linear Static Stress, Thermal and Vibrational FEA Analysis Multi-Axis CNC Machining for Milling, Lathe and Wire EDM
Desktop engineering - lightning fast! T-Flex low-cost PLM delivers the high-end 3D CAD PLM CAE product design, simulation and manufacturing tools normally found in much more expensive platforms. The T-FLEX PLM suite includes 3D assembly management, testing and simulation, CNC manufacturing, industrial standard 2D drawings and more. T-FLEX CAD special hybrid combination of direct freeform & parametric solids/surfaces modeling can create virtually any 3D shape! Parameters can be saved to user-customized dialogue boxes. Assembly simulations animate moving models for checking if designs function as planned. T-Flex further allows users to include shapes directly imported from SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Parasolid, STEP, IGES and Autodesk Inventor files. DOWNLOAD T-Flex 3D CAD software 30 day full trial HERE.
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Download Free T-FLEX Introduction eBook T-FLEX 3D Introduction
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  • Download T-Flex 3D CAD CAM CAE 30 day trial version
  • Download T-Flex 3D CAD and Drafting software PDF e-brochure
  • Download T-Flex CNC Machining module PDF e-brochure
  • Download T-Flex Motion Dynamics module PDF e-brochure
  • Download Finite Element Analysis module PDF e-brochure
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  • T-FLEX System Requirements
    CAD CAM for Microsoft Vista, XP or 2000
  • Intel Pentium® 4 or more powerful processor (recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows® XP Windows® Vista 32 or 64; Windows 7 32 or 64 bit
  • 2 GB RAM (minimum), 2+ GB (recommended for complex drawings)
  • 1 GB+ free hard disk space (more depending on modules installed)
  • Free Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime for Windows
  • T-FLEX CAD/CAM Interface: Easy to Use but Powerful!
    CAD CAM Work Mode for Design Tool Sets CAD CAM software context sensitive command menus Context help to instruct on using your active command
    Powerful interface with work mode select, text commands, toolbars and menus. Work the way you want! Right-click context menus speed you along the design process, offering commands relevant to selected geometry. Context step by step help for current command using the "F1" key at any time. Tutorials & demo parts included.

    T-Flex 3D Parametric Part and Assembly Design CAD

    T-Flex CAD software sports a unique proprietary vector construction method for creating feature profiles. Constraints can be assigned either implicitly, "on the fly" or explicitly from context-sensitive right-mouse-button options and T-Flex's powerful relation and expression language. A full library of 2D and 3D standard parts and common geometry can be fully customized, including the user defined input dialogues and external database connectivity. T-Flex is a hybrid parametric modeller, allowing free-form manipulation of both parametric solids and surfaces. SolidWorks SLDPRT files, Rhino CAD software, Solid Edge .PAR, Autodesk Inventor and many other legacy models can be read directly into the software. T-Flex offers a simple open-architecture, multiple-document interface (MDI) and is available in multiple languages.

    T-Flex Integrated CNC Milling, Lathe Turning and Wire EDM Machining

    T-Flex integrated CNC machining CAM software manufactures the designs created or imported in T-Flex CAD. Users enjoy fully-associative multi-axis milling, router, punching, lathe turning, drilling, engraving, wire EDM, plasma, flame and laser cutting. Precise mould and die, core and cavity, insert and slide machining can be finished from the same interface with a wide variety of CNC secondary operations. Trichordal toolpath adjustment for high speed milling offers various spiral options to help eliminate dangerously sudden changes in tool direction. Custom post-processors and user-definable tools allow machinists to specify virtually any cut. Integrated 3D toolpath verification helps machinists visualize the actual cut. Flexible enough to meet most corporate, professional, hobby and DIY CNC machine software requirements.

    T-Flex Kinematic Simulation and Assembly Motion Dynamics

    The real world laws of physics can be applied to full T-Flex assemblies from within the T-Flex interface. Using "virtual prototyping" what-if scenarios, engineers can analyse if their designs will work before their being manufactured. Constraints like joint, friction, gravity and impact may be applied to implicit Parasolid contact types without manual contact definition. A wide variety of interactions can be applied, such as spring or damping elements, actuation or control forces, etc. Combining physics based motion with T-Flex assembly data can be used to investigate diverse problems involving hydraulics, pneumatics, gear motion and control systems, robotics, and more. Special "sensor" element pairs can measure reaction forces at specified points.

    T-Flex Multiphysics Linear Static Stress, Vibrational and Thermal FEA

    Powerful 3D Multiphysics Finite Element Analysis software offers detailed thermal, static linear stress, vibration, buckling and fatigue study of T-Flex models. The analysis is tied associatively to the model geometry, so that when a change is made in model topology, the FEA model and constraints are updated with it. T-Flex FEM meshing is automatic and completely adaptive to even the most complex geometry. Analysis of various kinds can be combined, and results can be seen with a variety of customizable post-processing visualizations, graphs and reports. Easy help and documentation shows how to create the analysis.

    For Windows XP and Vista®

    Microsoft Windows Vista Compatible

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